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What is Connect the Classroom?

During the Covid pandemic the DfE supplied tens of thousands of laptops and tablets to pupils so they could continue their education remotely and safely.  Those endpoints have since returned back to schools adding increased pressure on school networks.

Connect the classroom is a WiFi 6 initiative, funded by the Department of Education (DfE) to address this issue.  This future thinking initiative will fund new Access Points, mGIG LAN switches and fibre cabling to enhance the pupil learning experience.

What next?

Selected schools will receive communications from the DfE or local authority.  At this point you'll be required to complete a bid form to secure your funding.

Schools are only allowed to procure from selected vendors and this is where UCcert can assist you.  We will work with you and your school to provide a bespoke solution based on the DfE approved vendor, Cisco Meraki.   UCcert will survey and audit your network and build a design that will Connect, Secure and Future-Proof the Classroom. 

Why UCcert and Cisco Meraki?

Schools and Multi-Academy Trusts have been trusting us with their networks for years.  This should count for something but if thats not enough we're happy to provide testimonials and references.

Cisco Meraki are the only DfE approved vendor offering:

  • 65% off Hardware

  • 80% off 10-YR licenses(10 years for the price of 5)

  • 80% off mGIG switches (enabling WiFi 6 and next-gen networking for schools)

  • FREE 3-Year Cisco Umbrella License - DNS Layer protection incl Ransomware

In total, we're offering 10 Years Investment Protection, inclusive of - 24x7x365 days hardware & software support, security updates and software updates.

Trust us with your network.

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