• Darren O'Connor

Education Sector - Summer 2021 projects

The summer of 2021 has been the busiest we have seen since our inception over 13 years ago. This could have been down to pent up demand following the covid lockdowns but whatever the reason our teams stepped up and delivered. The pictures below show before and after moments where our engineers have gone above and beyond to remedy years of network hurriedness i.e "we need to patch something in quickly i'll use this oversized cable" and "it's working there's no need to touch it".

These projects all started with a network audit which typically include an onsite visit to verify the physical layout of the site, cabinets, availability of power, rack space and fibre types. These audits then flow into a lifecycle report of the current networking infrastructure. As the process continues we then move onto active and historic switchport counts to ensure that what we propose to deliver meets current and future usage.

Such a simple task but this customer had redundant core switches but only one uplink from their firewall to one of their cores!

Working with the customers aligned Cisco Meraki account managers we begin the process of securing our customers the best discount we can so that their schools budgets will go further. Meraki have an outstanding education promotion which includes a 10 year licensing deal for the price of 5 which is also dove-tailed with aggressive hardware discounts. This provides our customers with peace of mind for the next decade that their networks are supported, future-proofed and allows them to forecast network refresh budgets years in advance.

Orders received and equipment starts shipping to site. With the power of the Meraki dashboard we can begin the build of networks whilst the equipment is in transit. Pre-staging followed by installation and testing and a once creaking network is refreshed and ready to handover to the customers IT team.

If your school is considering a refresh then let us help you deliver the right solution for your pupils and staff. Our auditing services are free so why not take advantage of our industry experience and knowledge?

Contact us via enquiries@uccert.co.uk or make contact via our LinkedIn page:

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