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Meraki Dashboard UI Client VPN Improvements

Many thanks for Meraki-MX (Meraki Community member @ https://community.meraki.com/t5/Security-SD-WAN/Dashboard-UI-Client-VPN-Improvements/m-p/80765) for producing this content.

Hello All,

Due to current events, we are aware that many of our customers adopted a WFH policy. We proactively reached out to our customers to investigate what Dashboard improvements we can implement to assist our customers during this difficult time. Based on our customers’ feedback and review of our support cases, we discovered that we can address many of these concerns with additions to our existing Dashboard UI pertaining Client VPN.

In summary, the new Dashboard UI additions are:

  • Client VPN Parameter Descriptions

  • Filtering of Client VPN Devices

  • FAQ Page Addressing Common Client VPN Issues

On our current Client VPN page, you will now see descriptions of each Client VPN parameter. This page also includes helpful links to our KB for a more comprehensive configuration guide.

As Client VPN usage increases, we found it beneficial to be able to filter for active Client VPN connections. We can now achieve this on the Network-wide > Clients page by selecting both the Online and Client VPN filter boxes.

Lastly, we added a FAQ tab within the Client VPN page. Here, you will find answers to the most common questions regarding Client VPN.

If further assistance is required, please feel free to reach out to our 24/7 Support. Our Support contact information can be found by navigating to the top right hand corner of Dashboard. Click on Help > Get Help > Still need help > either Submit an email case or Call the Meraki Support team

As a reference, below lists our current Client VPN KBs:

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