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Be Prepared - Be Protected

Updated: Jun 17, 2020

As companies adapt to their “new normal”, securing this sudden exponential growth of remote workers and their devices remains a challenge.  As an MSP we've helped our customers overcome these challenges but now is the time that companies need to look ahead as the rhetoric of returning to the “old normal” grows louder.

We envisage that a number of companies will remain at home and work in a more agile basis. There will also be some companies that return to the office but may have a number of employees that need to remain at home. Whether they be high risk individuals or due to social distancing rules need to remain at home due to lack of office space as companies re-configure the working environment.

So what can you do to adapt and support your business during these dynamic times?

You don’t have to be an expert in security to protect your business. You just need a simple unified security platform and a partner who puts you first.

Cisco Security takes you from overwhelmed to empowered. Cisco’s powerful combination of firewalls, endpoint security, cloud security, and user authentication can help keep your business humming by detecting threats earlier, faster, and with more ease.

Let UCcert show you how these essential security technologies work together to keep your employees safe and your business protected.

· Next-Gen Firewalls block unauthorized access to your applications and data.

· Cisco Umbrella is the first line of defense against threats on the Internet

· Cisco AMP for Endpoints prevents threats at point of entry and provides continuous monitoring to catch and remediate threats

· Duo Multi-Factor Authentication verifies user identities and blocks out-of-date, unsecure, or unknown devices from accessing your applications

Take full advantage of our resources and expertise, to help your business survive through the dynamic situation that we all find ourselves in.

Stay safe, stay secure. Best wishes from your Secure MSP @UCcert

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