Secure Cloud Managed Network Infrastructure

Lack of resources, limited visibility, worried about security?  Are these questions being raised within your business? To address these issues, UCcert has selected the Cisco Meraki product portfolio to deliver managed network connectivity services to its customers.  Say hello to #fullstack.

#fullstack is our intelligent, cloud-managed service providing. A complete network infrastructure enabling our customers to reduce overhead costs and add value.  Built on the full-stack of solutions by Cisco Meraki #fullstack is a single vendor solution with products that seamlessly integrate offering a top-down holistic network.


Cisco Meraki provides cloud managed network solutions globally and the Cisco Meraki portfolio enables UCcert to easily manage gateway devices, network switches, access points, endpoints and cameras from a cloud dashboard.  Whilst allowing a central management point customers can also visualise information on connected devices as well as applications and network usage from all sites.


Customers can centrally access a secure network without configuration or operational hassle with the service offering the flexibility to increase/decrease network infrastructure with minimal initial investment.


#fullstack's Premium service will be offered with the option of Cisco Umbrella and AMP4E to further enhance the security offerings of Cisco Meraki with on and offnet network visibility and security.